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Written in the Stars

I have always loved the expression, “It was meant to be”. Maybe because I grew up with my mom saying it to me when things would happen to us. Maybe I’ve always loved it because it meant that everything was going to be ok, no matter what.

But as I have gotten older, I think I’ve struggled a bit with believing if this grand statement is actually true. Unfortunate events that have happened and people that have disappointed will certainly make you question it as I’m sure they have done in your life too.

There is part of me now that really understands why these less than desirable things happen in our lives. And why we cross paths with people that affect our lives in sometimes very negative ways. They are in fact also “meant to be”. I think without these adverse events and influences, we can’t really appreciate the difference from the good souls and  blissful times that make our life so filled with meaning.

It’s the moments when life tests your strength and the feeling of terrible suffocates you that the good rushes in to surround you and overwhelm you with its presence.  This is how we make it through those trying times and arise with a stronger character…ready to tackle what comes next.

In my life, that presence comes in the form of a support system. (One that could run a nation!) I hope that you have one too even if it is just one person that gives you their all in the best and worst of times.

When I look back at my life I realize that the people, the events, and the lessons I learned were no accident. It was all written in the stars.

The friends I grew up with and met along the way were the same women I laid side by side with dreaming about our futures and laughing our way through adventures. And then these are the women who saw it all, heard it all and felt it all unfold alongside me. And I too was a witness to theirs as well. There was no mistake, no random molecules that pieced us together.

Just like the day I met my husband. We were fourteen years old and he was shorter than me. (then) He was that boy who I thought was perfect in every way and whose name I doodled all over my notebooks in school.

He was the guy that no matter what happened came back into my life. (whether I wanted him to or not) He was the guy I dreamed I would marry and have a family with. And again as fate would have it, he is the guy that became my darling husband and the father of my child.

So when you are wondering why or when or who. Believe that you are where you are supposed to be at this moment in time. Those people who you can’t imagine life without are there because they were meant to be there. (Even if they aren’t there to stay) And those people who hurt you in some way taught you a valuable lesson and may have even made you better than you already are.

The events that you experienced when you were tested in someway shifted you into the next chapter of your life and forced you to close the doors on someone or something. It wasn’t an inadvertent hand of cards that was dealt to you.

Your life has a purpose. Whether it was supposed to big or small, it was given to you. If you ever feel as though you are wandering through this life and unsure of where you’re heading … remember that not all those who wander are lost.

Words of Wisdom~Wednesday
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Stay Calm and Get Organized!

When I had heard the word nesting before I really had no idea about it at all. So when I became pregnant, still unaware of this mysterious experience, I might as well have thought it had to do with going outside and grabbing a bunch of sticks and twigs to put together. Yes that’s how clueless I was.

As I hit the 7-month mark in my pregnancy, and noticed my obsession unfolding with getting everything organized, I realized, “Oh my…nesting really does exist!” I was tediously organizing every drawer in my house, from the silverware, to the linens to my bra and underwear drawer. It was so bizarre. I couldn’t stop and I felt as though I was doing a complete makeover on my house from top to bottom. There wasn’t enough time in the day for all the things I wanted to get done.

What’s even stranger though is how most of this craziness had little to do with the actual having a baby part. How does organizing my closet help with what’s about to come??? It really is a phenomenon to me as to how the universe starts to prepare you for this complete life change. It’s like your psyche knows that soon there will be a shock to your system, therefore you are preparing in every single way to deal with it. Even if that means, cleaning your makeup brushes before the big day!

Whatever odd behavior you’re exhibiting, the truth of the matter is in someway I think that nesting really is a legitimate process and does make you calmer as your pregnancy approaches its final stages. I think if it makes you feel better to know that all your baby’s unworn clothes are organized by month, then have at it!

I would be lying if I said that this period isn’t maybe the calm before the storm. It is a whirlwind when baby gets here and there won’t be time to do many of these things. Organizing will be the farthest thing from your mind because the thought of sleeping on a down- comforter cloud will flood your thoughts. (or at least it did to mine often)

So I say when you find yourself entering this phase, take advantage of it and use it as a time to be more organized than ever. Lord knows it may not stay that way once your little piece of Heaven arrives. For the sake of time and knowing many of you will still be working and still have lots of other life on your plate to handle, I suggest starting with the big projects first.

If there are things in your house that need to be fixed or is just driving you crazy, get that done first. And they will drive you crazy, I remember a burnt out light bulb setting me off as time ran out before baby E was due to make his appearance. And although having your backyard transformed into the perfect al fresco setting may have nothing to do with your baby’s arrival, for the strangest reason, it sure seems like it does at the moment.

Once you are able to get the big things out of the way that you need done to make yourself feel at ease, then you can worry about the little things like making sure all the tuppeware has its matching lids. I know that it sounds like an episode from crazy town but if it makes you feel more prepared, then it’s all worth it.

Of course the tasks that are related to the baby would ideally seem like the best ones to tackle. This is a huge job in itself, from getting the nursery ready, to getting your hospital bag ready and everything in between. (more to discuss there) It can be so overwhelming I know but please don’t be afraid to call on your support system whoever that may be for the help you need. That is one of the super important lessons I’ve learned through it all. The people who love you the most will gladly come over and face the crazy with you, even if that means spending time to decipher which lipsticks you’re going to keep and which ones you will toss! (ha ha!)

Taking everything in stride,