Hair I’d like to try:


I am loving this new hair trend called balayage. But don’t ask me to pronounce it!

Something I’d like to remember:

live by

I can be guilty of this. Be in my thoughts so much that I overthink every little situation that bothers me all because of a less unfortunate day. My life is rich in love and I need to remember this when I am only focusing on the negative.

Place I want to see with my own eyes:


Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy… I can’t imagine a bad day in this paradise! Incredible.

Outfit I’d love to rock:


I have a thing for polka dots anything and I also love to wear red… the combo might be minnie mouse to some but I adore it.

Book I’d like to read:


I don’t get around to reading much but this was a New Year’s Resolution of mine. I have read a few books, and some by Emily Giffin, which I really enjoyed.

Space I’d LOVE to be in:


I WILL set up an outdoor space like this at my home one day. Who needs a bedroom when you can sleep under the stars? And eat, drink and cuddle.

What I’d like to make:


Avocado Pasta= healthier alternative to the creamy I love in every pasta dish.


{photos via Pinterest}