1. You are a silly willy that loves to laugh as much as your daddy. I remember the first time we heard you giggle; it was a sound I never want to forget. I think you are going to have a great sense of humor. And in this world, that’s going to make your life so much sweeter!
  2. You love bananas, the first “numy” you ever tried. I had an idea you’d love them because I ate so many when you were in my belly. I was right; they’re your favorite so far!
  3. You have charisma. I may be biased because I’m your momma but you have this charm that shines every time you smile and raise that beautiful eyebrow of yours. And that sparkle in your eyes-forget it, it belongs to you. I think grandpa William gave it to you. He had that same gaze and grin!
  4. I think you’re gonna be a big music fan like all of your sweet aunties. (Their playlists will rock your world) You love being sung to and enjoy trying to sing too. And every time a song comes on, your dance moves may look better than your daddy’s at this point.
  5. You can be a tad stubborn which I love every second of. Who knows if this will change, as you get older! When you want something, you are determined to get it and I think with a little guidance from mommy and daddy that can be a quality that helps you make your dreams come true.
  6. You love your tee-tee, that’s a pacifier in our home. One day while at Babies R Us, I remember I lost the only one I had with me. And I screamed frantically to the woman next to me, do you see his tee-tee?!! “Ugh honey what’s that?” I’ve come a long way from that day as a mommy because now I carry three tee-tees with me at all times and have a leash for it that attaches to you. So we love the tee-tee, depend on it with our life in fact!!
  7.  You have 8 teeth and they are soooo cute, that I want to give them kisses. It sounds a bit strange but baby teeth are a little piece of Heaven. And when they peek out of your mouth when you smile, I die right there. We just started to brush them and you fight it a little bit then start giggling. Figures.
  8. You love to be the life of the party. When we have family and friends around you, you love every second of it. You watch us all with those gorgeous eyes of yours and smile away. You make all kinds of noises and whatever you’re saying; it makes perfect sense to me. And if no one pays attention to you, you get very upset! Our little shining star.
  9. You are a little flirt. Every time a cute woman walks by, you’re always following them with your eyes. My hunch is you will marry a blonde because you are in awe every time you look at them. (The opposite of your momma) You love to watch the news in the morning to see the lovely weather girls. And you smile the whole time as if they can see you. Don’t quote me, but I think I may be in trouble later. I think you may break some hearts in your day but no matter what, I’ll make sure you’re always a gentleman.
  10. You like to snuggle in the morning when you first wake up. And this makes it incredibly hard for mommy and daddy to go to work in the morning. Always wishing for five more minutes to snuggle our cuddle bear. But it sure gets us through the day, knowing we will see your face when we walk back in the door.
  11. In just eleven months, you have already become our reason for living, for trying to become better than what we are, and for realizing that our hearts will always have an indefinite space for love to fill.
IMG_2155IMG_3881 IMG_4496IMG_5041IMG_0408SAMSUNG CSC


Looking forward to an endless list of all the things I know about you.

Love you forever my sweet boy,

Your Mommy