Happy New Year! 2015 is finally here and as I sit here writing to you, I can’t help but smile with little butterflies in my stomach. For so long, I have wanted to start this blog but didn’t know where to start. What better of a time than the present, especially when the present is a new year, a fresh start, better yet a new chapter.

So before I dive into this new adventure, I have 2014 to part with and say goodbye. What a year, to say the least, with events that have changed my life forever. Becoming a wife to my first love, a mother to a darling, baby boy and then losing my dad, the first man I ever loved. Needless to say, I have some experiences to share!

I hope you stay tuned to hear more. I promise these stories will hopefully make you laugh, may make you cry and best of all, connect to the stories of your life.

That’s just it, the thing I love the most about this life and world that we share-we all have our stories. It is really something special if you think of it… We could never meet in this life, but our stories can connect us and make us kindred spirits.

I am sure you have things to let go of from this past year, and things you hope to embrace in 2015. By making a list of my “New Year’s Resolutions”, I thought it would be a great way to begin what I hope becomes a lasting friendship.

  1. Let go of anything that weighs you down. If by December 31, it didn’t bring happiness to you, leave it in 2014 where it belongs. Every year I say this one to myself, until I realized how short life really is. Now I mean it.
  2. Be in the moment. In a blink of an eye, I can think of the past, mistakes I’ve made, regrets that haunt me. As I am wasting time on that, I have lost the moment. And there’s so many ahead to live for!
  3. Read more books, or A book. Not Us weekly. I could not even get through the Fifty Shades Trilogy! Which my friends tell me is quite easy.
  4. Take time for myself to do something I enjoy. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Pinterest is my happy place. A little of that and my Florence and the Machine station on Pandora, and I am set. Or old school Mariah and Whitney works too.
  5. Lose my pregnancy weight. I had too much fun putting it on, now not so much fun to take it off. I’d really like to go get lipo and become a changed woman overnight if I am being honest. But eating right and exercising, I heard does help. Remember the days when you could eat “good” for a week and lose 5 lbs? Yeah…hello 31!
  6. Get more organized. I feel like I spend everyday trying to do this and somehow something major gets lost in the mix. Like my diaper bag, I organize it, I leave the house, and then OMG where are my baby wipes??
  7. Spend less money on going to eat at restaurants, and use it to cook more! We have to discuss this more…why do I love to eat so much but not love cooking?
  8. Go to the beach; breathe the air, with my sunscreen SPF 100 of course, umbrella and all. Getting a glowing tan isn’t in my DNA, but becoming lobster red is! I live 30 minutes away from it, ask me when the last time I went was!
  9. Fix up more. Like my mom, Carol, always says “Are you gonna put some lipstick on, honey??” She’s the epitome of gracefulness. The kind of class we know that is just a given, not materialistic, but a sense of being. My stretchy Juicy sweatpants love me so much but want a major break from my bottom!
  10. Lastly, Stop waiting for good things to happen. Dreaming is something I love to do and am very good at. I dream of all the things I want. This blog being one of them. Morale of the story-Do it! Don’t be scared of what might be amazing.

I shared mine, what about you? What do you hope to change for 2015?

Looking forward to dreaming, inspiring, and getting inspired. Cheers to new loves, new memories, and new beginnings!

All my love,