Pre-Baby: The little things you’ll miss

  • Sleeping in…When people so graciously warn you that you won’t sleep ever again. It’s not entirely true. You will one day when the baby gets on a sleeping schedule, a.k.a. they sleep through the night. Then you will sleep. Your head will hit the pillow like a ton of bricks and you ‘ll sleep like… a baby! You just won’t sleep in for quite a while, I am guessing the next 18 years.
  • Taking a long shower without opening the curtain to check the baby monitor, every few minutes. (Especially when your shower is only two minutes max! Too much other stuff to do!) Sometimes a leg is sacrificed during the shaving process and you’ll have to go halvsies-one smooth, one wilder beast! I look at showers in a whole different way now. It is pure bliss.
  • Getting errands done whenever you need to with no time limits. I had to let go of my two-hour Home Good excursions, unless Em happens to nap there in his stroller. Now that equals a great day lol.
  • That feeling of only having to worry about yourself. I sometimes think I had enough to worry about, just taking care of me and my hot mess self! If I think about it too much, it can be really overwhelming-the thought of being responsible for someone else forever.
  • The ability to get something done without any interruptions at all. Things you never imagined would even matter like plucking your eyebrows, or going to the bathroom!

Post-Baby: The little things you’ll never want to let go

  • The smile on their face when they see you walk through the door after a long day at work. It will make you forget the garbage you dealt with and remember why you wake up everyday.
  • The sound of them making little goo goo’s, happy screams and banging their toys. You won’t ever feel lonely again sitting at home.
  • The touch of their little hand on yours. And when you look down at the sight of it, you’ll say to yourself, “I can’t believe this is my baby”
  • When they do something they’ve never done before and you feel so proud. And if you’re like Jonathan and I, you will be biased from the get-go and ask each other, isn’t that so advanced???
  • The feeling of their breath on your neck when you’re holding them in the middle of the night. Yes there will be times when you’re so exhausted because you’ve woken up several times and hardly got a wink of sleep. And after many of these nights in a row, the feeling of crazy does rapidly approach. But I promise you there will be more moments that you wish you could bottle that feeling up so you could feel it forever. It’s that good.

We all have those moments of missing parts of our old lives sans child. And although it may be hard to admit or maybe a bit embarrassing, I think it’s the honest truth. We are after all human and becoming a parent has never been guaranteed to be a breeze.  Every now and then you will wonder, How am I gonna do this? And with that comes natural feelings of missing some of your old life while learning to connect with what’s new. This little angel will make you question yourself in more ways than one, your capabilities, your patience… But most of all, how you ever lived life before without this immense new love that makes everything, even silly things, out of this world.

Keeping it real,