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Pinterest Pins of the Week

My ideas on decorating my future living roomsuper pretty but liveable and cozy…


I want to get this adorable set for my Emerson, I almost fell over when I saw this!!


A cake that is almost too pretty to eat!


The kind of bathtub I always wanted…


I can’t imagine a better table to sit at…these chandeleirs make my heart sing!


If you have a little girl or have one on the way, check out this adorable room!


I am in love with floral prints, and this pencil skirt is to die for…and so are the shoes!


Here’s a swimsuit I am digging especially post-baby!


This is my kind of gal



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Happy Pinning!


Pinterest Pins of the Week

Here’s a picture that warmed my heart: I wonder what this little one is thinking? I bet…”I know how much I’m loved!”


A lipstick that I must purchase: MAC Nouvelle Vogue (Limited Edition) Because A) you can never have enough lipsticks and B) Did I mention it’s limited edition??


A good list of tips that I am going to follow when cleaning out a space: #5 is so me, I get it from my dad.


An outfit that inspires me to get on my treadmill and make changes: everything about this look screams confidence to me and whatever she’s selling, I want to buy!


A gift I’d love to get for someone: I have a thing for elephants. They are lucky and so loveable looking.


Flowers that stop me in my tracks: Nothing like a cascading bouqet, instant romance for me!


Some words to get me through certain days: I think this one applies to more than one area of my life. Yours too?


A vision that I hope I get to live one day: Okay when I stumbled upon this, my eyes watered. I know the love I feel now. I can’t imagine when we get to this age. Makes me remember how much love actually is  in this world.


{photos via Pinterest}

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Pinterest Pins of the Week

Hair I’d like to try:


I am loving this new hair trend called balayage. But don’t ask me to pronounce it!

Something I’d like to remember:

live by

I can be guilty of this. Be in my thoughts so much that I overthink every little situation that bothers me all because of a less unfortunate day. My life is rich in love and I need to remember this when I am only focusing on the negative.

Place I want to see with my own eyes:


Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy… I can’t imagine a bad day in this paradise! Incredible.

Outfit I’d love to rock:


I have a thing for polka dots anything and I also love to wear red… the combo might be minnie mouse to some but I adore it.

Book I’d like to read:


I don’t get around to reading much but this was a New Year’s Resolution of mine. I have read a few books, and some by Emily Giffin, which I really enjoyed.

Space I’d LOVE to be in:


I WILL set up an outdoor space like this at my home one day. Who needs a bedroom when you can sleep under the stars? And eat, drink and cuddle.

What I’d like to make:


Avocado Pasta= healthier alternative to the creamy I love in every pasta dish.


{photos via Pinterest}

These are a few of my favorite things

Dove bar soap. I don’t know what it is but in a sea of Bath and Body Works, I would still always choose my classic Dove scent! You know they have pistachio scented now! It seems weird-it’s not. It’s divine.

Pearls. Something about them, reminds me of my mom I think. I have pair of pearl earrings that I love from Jonathan. And an old necklace of my moms.

Cheetos. When I was pregnant I had a heightened love affair with them. Then again, I loved everything cheesy. I didn’t discriminate against Cheez-its or puffs, or cheese and crackers!

Paris. I’ve never been but it’s my dream to go there. I love photos of the Eiffel Tower, especially ones that were taken along time ago.

Red lipstick. I have fifty shades of red in my lipstick collection! It makes me feel pretty. A good lipstick to me makes all the difference.

Chandeliers. They are everything to me. I love older ones and more modern ones. I think they put a touch of elegance in a room that is undeniable. I hope to have them at our wedding one day and in every room of my house.

Taking Photos. Over the years, I have taken countless pictures of my friends and family during every occasion. I Love capturing the memories. One day when I move to a home, I would love to have a gallery wall with all my loved ones on it. Need a big wall.

Pinot Noir. A good glass with a good friend is always a fantastic night. Or just alone watching an insane episode of Housewives… or sitting on Pinterest.

Pinterest. I could browse for hours. According to these virtual boards, I have the perfect life. It’s my meditation.

A good trip to Home Goods. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt when I’m in that place and it’s exhilarating!