I remember the day I went Regisrty shopping. I was guided that when I got there, I would be given a list of all the stuff I needed. And all I had to do is walk around the store with this clicker thing and pick out what I want.

Ok easy enough …so I walk in and get my handy list which is eight pages long. Ok maybe not eight but at least five! Long enough for the panic to set in.

You see I can follow a list, most people can. But what I read wasn’t anything I knew of, aside from maybe the words: blanket, bottle, and diapers. But even then, those items became a blur when I walked down the isles and saw twenty types of each blanket, bottle and diaper. And remember these were the words I knew! Did you know that a swaddler was a type of blanket before all of this?

So of course you can imagine how I was when I got to more complex parts of the list like bath tub protective faucet cover and interactive swing, bouncer, rocker, and sleeper! What!

I look back on that day and I must’ve looked like I was lost in a forrest to the people who were working at Babies R Us. I went up to them at least three times asking the question, “Um what is this?”. And they looked at me like, “Lady are you sure you’re ready for this!” LOL. But I really thought this was going to be no big deal. I remember saying to Jonathan, “Don’t worry, stay home relax, I’ll be home soon”.

 Did I mention that my cell phone died while I was there? I think I made three desperate phone calls before I was s*** out of luck. The first one was to my mom who didn’t know half of the items on the list. Because then there wasn’t as long as a list! The next call was to Jonathan who I think I yelled at because I told him, he should’ve come with me. (Mind you, I told the poor guy to stay home) And the third phone call was to my pregnant best friend who was patiently explaining to me the difference between a bassinet and a pack-n-play when the phone died! (She did her research!)

Needless to say that word overwhelmed is an understatement to describe how I was feeling and what I looked like to the public that day. Total Hot Mess seems more fitting!

So to save you from what might be a complete disaster, I have a few pointers that may help if this is your first time around doing THE Baby Registry.

  1. Stick to the basics. What are the necessities for this little bun in the oven? Bottles, blankets stroller, etc. for the first trip. Especially as a newborn, focus on the things you need right away. Go back to shop for the more in depth items.
  2. Don’t do it all in one shot unless you’ve done all your research and you know what items you want and what kind!
  3. Take another mommy friend with you who can tell you what is necessary on the list and what you can disregard for the time being.
  4. If you were like me and are clueless to it all, pick up the list first and GO HOME. Look items up to figure out what these things are and read mommy reviews. They are helpful.
  5. If the tall shelves of baby products freak you out like they did to me, do an online registry. And sit at home while doing it with your swollen feet up on the couch! (Amazon, BabyList, myregistry.com)
  6. Hold off on registering for clothes at a big store like Babies R Us because shipments will likely change and they will go on sale. Plus most likely you will get a bunch of onesies at your baby shower, which you will need.
  7. Register for what you want and as much as you want because often times you can get a discount if you purchase all the items that are left on the registry after your baby shower.
  8. If you can, enjoy this project with your sweetheart and look at it as a bonding activity that you guys can argue, laugh and be excited through it all!

Here were my must-halves and favorite items looking back…

The 4 Moms Mamaroo or a bouncer of some kind so that you can multitask!



Dr. Brown’s bottles-loved these for my little one’s acid reflux and gasiness



Swaddler Blankets-They have velcro and do it yourself!

Thermometer for little one’s ear-so much easier!


Mini bathtub- you can put anywhere or just keep in your bathtub


Pack N Play-there are so many out there and I used mine as a bassinet, changing table and play pen!

Graco pack n play

Diapers! I use Pampers Swaddlers but also really like the Honest Diapers that get shipped to your house, are Organic and come in so many cute patterns.


A video monitor that is high resolution, wireless and functions as a 2-way walkie talkie



A snap-n-go stroller or click connect that your car seat can connect to-I can’t tell you how much easier these things are! They are more compact, lighter and quicker when you’re running around doing errands. And if you’re little one is sleeping you don’t have to risk waking them up by lifting them out of their car seat.



Always learning,