Getting engaged is an event that I literally thought about on a daily basis. Over the years I had developed a grand plan of how this one fine day would all go down. I had plenty of time to think about it because I had been dating Jonathan since puberty. Literally. And with the rise of Pinterest and wedding blogs, it only made my thoughts of getting engaged a total hobby. In fact, if someone asked me what my interests were, I’d say “Anything Wedding”. And then the obvious question, oh are you engaged??” No! (Well… not yet)

Now I know for some people, this might sound crazy, or IS crazy. Either way, I am hoping I am not the only gal in this world that can relate to this mini obsession. To my defense, I wasn’t alone in this circus; I had all my friends involved. Whether it was talking “wedding” with a best friend on the regular while planning her wedding, spending afternoons with laptops side by side and comparing notes, or stopping in jewelry stores looking at rings, you name it I probably did it! And not just friends, my momma was on a mission too.

Every Sunday when my mom and I had brunch, she carried a red notebook, a 5-Star, remember those?? It was the sweetest thing. She would take it out and show me what she added to the tabs, “Guest List”, “Songs”, etc.! Bless her good heart, she could not wait for this engagement to happen, and was possibly more pumped up than me. I’ll never forget when she asked if she could wear red and have, “Lady in Red” playing at the wedding. Whether she meant to walk down the aisle or at the reception was never confirmed. I didn’t mind, I loved every minute of it.

You must be wondering at this point, what did Jonathan think of all this? Well let’s just say, patience is one of his many virtues, thankfully. Because my subtle approaches to bringing up engagement talk at dinner, eventually turned into direct emails of rings or engagement photos of random people from Pinterest. I know, it’s pretty bad. Poor guy, he would just say, “I got your email, babe, thanks for the tips.” He wanted me to be surprised and let him handle it. Well that surprise eventually came, but it wasn’t a ring, it was Emerson!

Now this beautiful topic can’t be explained in one post, or two or three, but I promise with this precious occurrence, came more stories to last me a lifetime. Looking forward to sharing those with you. I can tell you that the next one will be a lesson that has had the most impact on my life. You know when people have told you, “Let go of what you can’t control, God has a plan for you.” Well I have some living proof.

All my Love,

P.S The engagement came too…